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Contemporary vs Traditional Fall Show

Friday August, 21st 11:25 AM
Friday August, 21st 11:25 AM

Come join us October 22nd and 23rd for our event of the year!

This show will be featuring four artists with unique and unmistakable styles. Each artist will be showcasing 15 to 20 original pieces, many of which have never been seen before. Scroll down for more information!

Featured Artists


Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith has a unique style of surrealism and impressionism. He largely bases his work on a world where dreams and reality coexist. His incredible use of texture and color reveals a vibrant, yet fragile memory. Staring is encouraged. What will you find?
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Natalie George

Natalie's shy and reserved first impression makes me think that her pieces will be the same - quiet and classical. Though she is an accomplished artist in that feel, it's her contemporary side that takes viewers off guard. Her bold use of color, her broad brush strokes, or her use of multi-mediums turns a traditional landscape into a place you want to go, but doesn't exist.
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Cora Ogden

Cora Ogden's work elaborates on a single moment, embracing quiet picturesque views that tempts the viewer to sit and stay a while. Her dramatic and purposeful use of light guides the viewer to experience new details with each gaze. Her meticulous technique and eye for detail is something to experience. This is Cora's personal invitation for you to stop, and enjoy this moment.
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Stephen Shortridge

Stephen's background as an actor and an artist has given him the gift of creativity beyond most. In his work he generates an emotion out of the viewer. While you're looking at a piece, you'll find yourself smiling, laughing, or maybe shedding a tear of two. His diversity appeals to the spectrum of admirers.
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Local Composition

Four artists. Four styles. Four paintings. One local Raleigh scene.

In addition to 15-20 original works from each artist, we have challenged all four artists to create a 30" x 30" local based composition in their respective style. After holding a brainstorming competition, we chose the reflecting pool at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The final pieces will be unveiled at the show, side by side. We are excited to see how each artist recreates the scenes pictured!

The imagery to the right was provided to all four artists for them to study and ultimately base their final piece.

Stephen Shortridgegave us a sneak peak into what he was thinking with the reflecting pool piece. Before starting, he was particularly interested in adding people and embellishing a bit. A couple older ladies and some statues of muscular men? The result is bound to be entertaining!

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