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Burning Coal Theatre's Main Stage Shows

A Season of Magic & Mischief
Thursday October, 12th 2:51 PM
Thursday October, 12th 2:51 PM


A young woman and a young man go on a journey of discovery. In this whimsical tale by the master of witty wordplay, Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead) joins up with the chief purveyors of Mood Rock, the legendary Pink Floyd, whose album Darkside of the Moon stayed on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart for an astonishing 14 years, to create a fast and funny ride that will leave you guessing, laughing and listening in equal measures.

by Tom Stoppard & Pink Floyd

October 12 - 29, 2017


A young girl feels alone in the world. Can a boy who never grew up help her to discover her best self? Or will he lead her straight into the clutches ... of Hook!?

Adapted by Lillian White & Burning Coal Theatre

from the beloved novel by J.M. Barrie

November 30 - December 17, 2017


This raging masterpiece shocked New York when it appeared at the Public Theatre in 1985, as the AIDs epidemic was beginning to exert its terrible grip on the nation and the world. The New York Times declared "A great silence has been broken." The writer of the piece, Larry Kramer, had been ostracized, branded a malcontent, an agitator. Then he wrote this play.

by Larry Kramer

January 18 - February 4, 2018


In the future, the Queen is dead. Long live the King. The crown has finally come to the patiently waiting Charles. But other forces have been waiting, too ... waiting for a monarch who they believe will help them pass a most undemocratic law.

a future history play by Mike Bartlett

Directed by Karen O'Brien

April 12 - 29, 2018

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