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Amy's Pick of the Week 10.1.2015

Shepherds Canyon by Joshua Smith
Saturday October, 3rd 10:55 AM
Saturday October, 3rd 10:55 AM

This piece captured my interest almost instantly. It's a curious painting that begs so many questions. Naturally my eye goes straight to the illuminated window then ventures to the swing where it sits comfortably and unused hanging from the tree. "Shepherds Canyon" seems like such a treacherous place, an old bridge to cross, steep skinny stairs to climb, and then entering a house in the sky where the clouds begin to break and your allowed a small glimpse into what you have been searching for or possibly a meaning to your quest.

As my eye moves through the painting I begin to realize this is a journey. Perhaps a journey through childhood or memories that were all imagined. With each of Joshua Smith's pieces there is a new journey or a new experience. For me this one taps into multiple memories of multiple places. Smith invites his viewers to travel with him through his intricate and mystical paintings.

I would love to hear what this piece reminds you of.

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