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Arts Collide Fall Show 2017

Join us for two magical nights with a little mischief as we celebrate the collision of two artistic worlds in one enchanting show. Don't miss the unveiling of Burning Coal's posters and the big reveal of which artists created one for the show.

Thursday, October 5th 06:00 - 08:30 PM
Friday, October 6th 06:00 - 08:30 PM

Artistic styles collide in this year's fall show as we showcase Joshua Smith, Nicole Kennedy, Natalie George, and Cora Ogden's latest work. Each artist has developed an unmistakable look, creating their own mark in the contemporary and traditional field. Experience the duality of these contradictory styles as you tour the gallery and view each artist's work harmoniously displayed together. In conjunction with this year's show, we will be unveiling the posters for local Burning Coal Theatre Company's upcoming A Season of Magic & Mischief main stage plays. With refreshments and hors d'oeuvres being served, simply enjoy two enchanting nights celebrating the arts as we fuse artistic worlds into one memorable show.

Joshua Smith

Working in a vortex of color, Joshua credits his dreams for inspiring his artistic creations. Through the medium of painting, he developed his own language which speaks of fantasy and nature, blending surrealism into the physical world. In essence, a virtual universe in which dreams and reality fuse together to create one enchanting world.

Natalie George

Through magnificent colors, bold brush strokes, and vivid shapes, Natalie invites you to interpret nature through a different lens. With her love of natural landscapes, especially bodies of water and their changing reflections, she explores her imagination to create her own translation. While she treasures realistic painting, her current calling is creating within the abstract realm.

Cora Ogden

Cora elaborates on a single moment in time, embracing quiet picturesque views that tempt the viewer to sit and stay awhile. Her dramatic and purposeful use of light and color guides the viewer to experience new details with each and every gaze. Her meticulous technique and eye for detail creates a depth so lifelike, that you feel you could walk right into her paintings.

Nicole Kennedy

Like a paused frame in a film, Nicole prompts the viewer to stop and ponder about the stories within her paintings; encouraging the observer to press play and recall moments from their individual past. With a wide range of work, spanning from urban and rural landscapes, figurative and still life, her talent translates into something universal and personal.

Burning Coal presents A Season of Magic & Mischief featuring:


by Tom Stoppard & Pink Floyd

October 12 - 29, 2017

Peter Pan

Adapted by Lillian White & Burning Coal Theatre

from the beloved novel by J.M. Barrie

November 30 - December 17, 2017

The Normal Heart

by Larry Kramer

January 18 - February 4, 2018

and a FOURTH SHOW to be announced

April 12 - 29, 2018

Tickets for each show can be purchased on their website.