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Notes of Nature

Get lost in the beauty of original artwork as you explore the gallery and discover how each artist incorporates notes of nature throughout their work in this years Fall Show.

Friday, November 9th 06:00 - 08:30 PM

Notes of Nature features Brad Robertson, Naira Barseghian, David Grieve, and Cora in a stunning showcase of art inspired by the color, texture and landscape of these artist's surroundings. We welcome you to experience the incredible depth in Robertson's paintings and the soft impressionism from Cora. Discover a new artist at the gallery with Grieve's work, whose paintings exude an energy with his confetti-like brush work. Rounding out the roster is Barseghian with her beautifully glazed ceramic tiles in saturated colors. We look forward to seeing you at the gallery. Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served.


With the unique ability to work with color and texture, Brad paints with depth, complexity, and expressiveness. His fresh expressionistic style provokes the mind to wander across his multiple layers of texture and color as if viewing a coastal shoreline or witnessing an everlasting horizon.


Inspired by nature's countless variations of shapes, colors, and plays of light, Naira showcases her range through her glazed ceramics. Having a background as a painter, Naira blends her artistic skills into her ceramics, creating work that is often described as a hybrid between painting and sculpture.


David uses a technique of cropping sections in his landscapes, allowing the observer to focus more carefully one one are without taking the entire piece for granted. Through the use of organic, rich colors, he provides the observers with a strong sense of change as the landscape ages and decays. The beauty found in aspects of time and change is the ever-present theme underlying his paintings.


Life and color are bursting from Cora's canvas, creating an enchanting mixture of movement and light. Although she is fond of pastel and the wonderful richness of its shades, she is drawn to the depths of oil painting in which she can completely express herself. The vibrations of a world filled with happiness radiate from Cora's palette and we feel that through the richness and subtlety of her colors.