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Leaf and Limb

Please join us for a relaxing evening as we present Leaf and Limb, a collection of traditional and contemporary landscapes in one show. Private viewings and tours available beginning March 18th, so simply unwind and get lost in the trees!

Wednesday, March 18th 11:00 - 05:30 PM

Experience the solace of nature in a landscape only show highlighting the significance of this classic art subject. Discover Ron Williams and David Grieve, two renowned artists whose work represents landscapes in traditional and modern representations from past and present. Connect with each artist's work and see which style speaks to you as you wonder through the gallery. Witness how two different artists and styles are able to unite with their landscape roots as we present to you Leaf and Limb.

Honoring the late American Post-war landscape painter Ron Williams, Leaf and Limb will exhibit one of the largest remaining collections of Williams' work. Williams' use of rich color, depth and detail paints a poetic portrait of the sweeping hills and forests of the Appalachians. Collectors and critics alike compare his paintings to the luminosity of the Hudson River School.

Juxtaposing Williams' traditional style is David Grieve, a contemporary artist who portrays the landscape in silhouettes, playing with abstraction by using bold strokes and dense layers with a whimsical application. By cropping particular sections in a landscape, Grieve's techniques and artistic style encourages the viewer to focus on scenes often taken for granted.