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Join us to experience the incredible artistry of Brad Robertson, Cora Ogden, Tim Saternow, Kathleen Deep, and Dana Brown in our annual fall showcase. Take a moment to get lost in each artist's work and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Thursday, October 15th 06:00 - 08:30 PM

Pause captures the decisive moment when you walk through a quiet room and notice a composed collection of items on the table perfectly lit by window light. The moment you notice a stark shadow across your neighbor's house, or the decayed warehouse whose ruins are mysterious but strangely inviting.

You are experiencing a specific fragment in time, when surroundings dissolve into abstractions of color and light. You are here.


With the unique ability to work with color and texture, Brad paints with depth, complexity, and expressiveness. His fresh expressionistic style provokes the mind to wander across his multiple layers of texture and color as if viewing a coastal shoreline or witnessing an everlasting horizon. Brad considers good music an integral part of the artistic process and tries his hand at fishing in his spare time, though admits he should probably stick to painting.


Cora elaborates on a single moment in time, embracing quiet picturesque views that tempt the viewer to sit and stay awhile. Her dramatic and purposeful use of light and color guides the viewer to experience new details with each and every gaze. Her meticulous technique and eye for detail creates a depth so lifelike, that you feel you could walk right into her paintings. In the end, Cora's goal is to create a piece that will be revisited time and time again and provide new revelations.


Tim is an American painter whose large architectural watercolor paintings explore the lost and forgotten areas on the edges of the urban scene. His work encompasses the old High Line train trestles above the gritty industrial streets of New York City, the empty homesteads of Joshua Tree, California, and the dignified and genial old houses of Provincetown, on Cape Cod. Tim pays tribute to the silent histories of these places and of the lives and love of the people who lived there.


Kathleen is a mixed media artist, analog photographer and writer whose creation of image making includes alternative photographic processes, mixed media, raw and unconventional materials and hybrid workflows. Her imagery derives from her walks alone in the wetlands and surrounding landscapes. Samples of Deep's ongoing nature writing prose To Slow the Sinking have been published in various web and book publications, and can be seen hand written in some of her artworks.


Dana is a North Carolina based painter that currently works with beeswax, resin, ecoprints and encaustic. Her interests in structure and machinery inspire her urban and mechanical scenes, as her works showcase the grunge, patina, and complex forms of the industrial world. A lovely contrast to these works are the organic forms in her foliage pieces, featuring greenery and softer shades of color.