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Join us to celebrate the change of season and experience the fresh artistry of Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Christina Doelling, Natalie George, Joshua Smith, Arrington Magny, Leon Roulette, and Tim Miller.

Thursday, April 1st 05:00 - 08:00 PM

Bloom is a collection of work that evokes the essence of spring and features botanical imagery including abstracted florals, vibrant still life bouquets, and glass wall blossoms. Mixed with dreamlike landscapes and abstracts in a spectrum of saturated hues and delicate pastels, Bloom captures all things spring. To celebrate the change in the season, Carlos Gamez de Francisco will debut a collection of work that merges baroque and modern aesthetic with hints of retro and feminine flare for a spring showcase you don't want to miss.


Carlos Gamez de Francisco's work merges baroque and modern aesthetics with a retro and feminine flair. The colors, fashion, figures, and insects in his works pack a breadth of historical and personal influence, while also challenging themes of memory, storytelling, and the norms of beauty. His works refer to a sense of happiness, balance and purity as illustrations to his perceptions about life.


Texture and depth are very important elements in Christina's bold yet elegant mixed media paintings. Stylistically, areas of intense activity are juxtaposed with areas of calmness and many compositions are anchored with geometric shapes and lines. These marks from charcoal, pencil, or oil pastels add energy and dimension, which creates both balance and tension.


Through magnificent colors, bold brush strokes, and vivid shapes, Natalie invites you to interpret nature through a different lens. With her love of natural landscapes, especially bodies of water and their changing reflections, she explores her imagination to create her own translation. While she treasures realistic painting, her current calling is creating within the abstract realm.


Working in a vortex of color, Joshua credits his dreams for inspiring his artistic creations. Through the medium of painting, he developed his own language which speaks of fantasy and nature, blending surrealism into the physical world. In essence, a virtual universe in which dreams and reality fuse together to create one enchanting world.


Driven more by intuition than observation, Arrington uses a range of materials from charcoals, pastels and paints, to even plaster, mud and tar on paper, canvas and wood to create her colorful abstracts. The physical layers of these materials form a manipulated surface, which through a sort of excavation process of creation and destruction, images become unearthed.


Known for vibrantly translucent florals and contemporary landscapes, Leon's work gives the viewer a visual feast of the beauty and wonder that is nature. Painting in oil, Roulette has mastered illumination and light as it passes through the petal of a flower or through a cloud in the sky.


Inspired at a young age and full of ideas, Tim loves to stretch the limits of design and explore ways to maintain a progressive approach to glassblowing. From vases to chandeliers there is no limit to his creativity.