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Join us First Friday for an exciting new joint exhibition featuring all new work from local artists Luna Lee Ray and Shelly Hehenberger. Enjoy a relaxing night of art and sipping a glass of wine while you tour the gallery.

Friday, May 7th 05:00 - 08:00 PM

Luna and Shelly describe their artwork and process as a challenging, yet surprisingly stimulating exploration of each other's styles and methods. By layering patterns, shapes and energetic color they express the nuance of combining artistic visions. Learn more about the artists below and kindly RSVP to attend our opening reception.


As an avid gardener, Luna spends many hours intensely observing the forms and processes of nature. "There I find a rich, symbolic language which helps convey not only my feelings of reverence and awe towards this beautiful world, but also encompasses all my dreams, visions, memories, and spiritual yearnings-all that is unseen and intangible yet so much of who we are. I love layering and texture and combining painting, drawing, and collage, as well as the poetry and evocativeness of words; considering titles and text in the image integral to the complete experience of each piece."


Shelly's work is a meditation on the patterns and forms in the natural sciences explored through the process of drawing and painting. The imagery she uses suggests the natural world and its state of constant change, especially within the realm of biology and geology. Using many, non-traditional tools for applying layers of oil paint and cold wax medium, Shelly creates the topography of the surface through carving and re-collaging of the medium. It is through this continuous additive and subtractive process that she creates her surfaces slowly over the course of many months. This layering and removing of the materials evokes a sense of the constructive (cosmos) and deconstructive (chaos) energies that exists at all levels of nature, revealing the essential balance and creative tension that exists between the two.