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Fine Art

World-Renowned Artists

Bev's Fine Art is one of the most exciting places to discover artwork ranging from traditional, hyper-realist, to abstract works. We represent some of the most talented artists from right here in North Carolina to around the world. Always keeping abreast with the latest art trends and upcoming artists, you will always be able to find spectacular pieces in our gallery!


Glass & Sculptures

Representing notable painters is not our only focus. If you're an admirer of sculptures, we invite you to browse our unparalleled selection of original fine art sculptures and glass by artists from around the globe. Our unique selection includes free-standing, kinetic, and wall-mounted sculptures in a variety of materials such as bronze, clay, metal, stone, and glass.

Commissionable Pieces

Love the artist but what you want is not available? Commission one of our many talented artists to create a unique piece just for you! With commissioning, you become a part of the design process and we will work directly with the artist to ensure you get the perfect piece.